Collapsible Water Bottle With Integrated Filter


Innovative foldable water filter. Outdoor water purifier bottle made of food-grade silicone material can be folded at will, which is smaller and lighter than traditional filtered water bottles. You can put it directly in your pocket.

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Advanced 2-tier water bottle with filter: 0.01-micron ultrafiltration membrane that can help you filter the water effectively (the diameter is 1000 thousandths of the hair), anything over 0.01 microns in diameter cannot pass. Backpacking water bottle: Portable water filter suitable for most outdoor water sources, it can effectively convert lakes, rivers, springs, streams into drinking water and is a perfect water bottle for hiking, camping, hunting, fishing and emergency preparedness. Replaceable water filter: The medical-grade hollow fibre UF membrane is replaceable, it can be used for up to 2000 litres before it needs to be replaced (available for sale separately).


  • Filter material: Ultrafiltration membrane
  • Material: TPU + ABS
  • Bottle capacity: 500 mL
  • Filterable capacity:2000 L
  • Water Flow: 1100 mL/min
  • Weight: 100 g



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