Outdoor Straw Mini Water Filter

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The reusable water filter can effectively convert water lakes, rivers, streams into drinking water and is perfect for hiking, camping, hunting, travel, and emergency preparation.



Keeps your water safe: The water filter uses a 0.01-micron ultrafiltration membrane cartridge that meets EPA standards. Keep your water safe and healthy. Weighs only 2 ounces. Superior filtration capacity: Personal water filter up to 5000L (1320 gallons). Made of multiple layers, they are trapped in the multiple layers of fibres inside the straw. The water is then clean and safe to drink. The filters do not contain harmful substances and only incorporate mechanical filtration.

Easy to use and clean: When you suck on your straw, the water is forced through hollow fibres, thus a microfiltration device. After use, just blow the air out of the straw to clean the filters. Perfect for hiking, camping, hunting, travel, and emergency preparation.


  • Filter material: Ultrafiltration membrane
  • Material: ABS + TPR
  • Filtration capacity: 5000 L
  • Water flow: 800 mL/min
  • Weight: 135 g

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Mini Portable Water Purifier
  • 1 x Extension Straw
  • 1 x Collapsible Water Bag
  • 1 x Back Wash Device



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