Portable Folding Camping Wood Stove


Lightweight and compact fit into any pouch. Environmental protection: No fuel canisters, no chemical emissions, no batteries, less carbon footprint. Unlimited fuel sources: Cook a meal using twigs, branches, leaves, or alcohol. Say goodbye to heavy, costly, polluting petrol fuels. Built tough: Made of hardened stainless steel, the stove is meant for rugged backpacking and camping. Comes in a pouch for convenient carrying.

Black (L)Black (S)Silver (S)


This stove is made of stainless / titanium steel which is corrosion-resistant, extremely durable and super light. Connect all the panels together on each side which will take a few seconds to complete. Cook a meal with unlimited and easy-to-find fuels like wood, twigs, twigs, leaves and paper to cook a meal wherever you set up your camp, with no chemical emissions, no carbon footprint. Fold the stove flat and stuff it into a pocket or backpack to start a low-carbon trip. Strong structure extremely easy to assemble, reusable and convenient to transport.


  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel with Titanium Finish
  • Top Diameter:
    • Size S: 7.8 cm / 3.07″
    • Size L: 10.5 cm / 4.1″
  • Bottom Diameter:
    • Size S: 8.7 cm / 3.43″
    • Size L: 13 cm / 5.1″
  • Height:
    • Size S: 10.7 cm / 4.21″
    • Size L: 16 cm / 6.3″
  • Weight:
    • Size S: 144 g / 5.1 oz
    • Size L: 300 g / 10.6 oz

Package List:

  • 1 x Wood Stove
  • 1 x Storage Sack



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