Travel Cooler Box 8.5 L


Superior air tightness, long heat preservation for 48 hours. The sealing performance is superior, and the long-term lock temperature is guaranteed. The cooler suitable for multi-scenario heating and cooling is a practical must-have for outdoor enthusiasts. It is not only suitable for household storage, but also an accompanying companion for self-driving travel, outdoor fishing, and outdoor camping.

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The cooler is made of food-grade material. Environmental protection technology, reliable and health. The cooler layer is foamed with PU, the inner tank is made of PP, and the PU cooler layer is long-lasting temperature lock PU. The thickness of the foam layer is high. Excellent temperature insulation performance. The cooling bag is in a portable handle design. Picking up as you wish. The thickened handle has strong tensile strength. The shell is sturdy and durable, resistant to pressure and drop. In outdoor activities, you are not afraid of bumps with it.


  1. Food and beverages need to be frozen or refrigerated in advance.
  2. Equipped with enough ice blocks or ice bags.
  3. Minimize the number of times to open the cooler bag.
  4. Try to fill the cooler bag as much as possible.
  5. Minimize direct sunlight.


  • Material: upper cover PE, insulation layer PU, inner liner PP
  • Capacity: about 8.5 L
  • Weight: about 1.3 kg
  • Size: about 30 x 21 x 25 cm / 11.81″ x 8.27″ x 9.84″
  • Holding time: about 48 hours



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