The Many Types of Beach Tents

The Many Types of Beach Tents

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Different types of tents will affect how easily you set up camp on the beach. These beach shelters also offer different kinds of protection and are classified as such. The kind of beach tent that you choose primarily depends on your wants and needs, of course. Below are the most common types of beach tents, and their differentiating qualities to help aid in your search.

Continual Pole Pop-up Beach Tent

The poles in a continual pole pop up beach tent are all connected. The benefit being they do not need to be assembled and taken apart when you pitch or break down your beach tent. Instead, a continual pole pop up beach tent is designed to collapse when twisted in a certain way. This makes it easy to break down and pack away in its own carry bag. To set it up, you simply need to untwist the tent, and it ‘pops up,’ essentially pitching itself.




Traditional Pole Beach Tents

A traditional pole tent might have individual collapsed poles that need to be assembled and a lightweight body or cover material that is attached and pitched, much like a typical backcountry camping tent. Some, like our pick from Snow Peak, will have removable walls to regulate airflow (mesh lets air in and keeps bugs and sand out).





Hybrid Beach Tents

Hybrid beach tents look like traditional pole tents but have the convenience of pop up tents. They have retractable poles attached to a string. To pitch a hybrid beach tent, you simply need to pull on the string, and the tent pops up.







Classic-style Beach Tents

Classic-style beach tents are similar to traditional camping tents. They give you the most privacy and protection with walls on three sides, leaving the fourth side open to face the ocean. The fourth side might have a door that you can close (and lock) if you want or need to. This design keeps out the wind, rain, and sun, without obstructing your view.






Canopy Beach Tents

A canopy is a simple beach shelter that usually has open sides. Some may have a wall that can be attached if needed. They can usually accommodate more people than traditional beach tents. Beach canopies often have a higher ceiling than beach tents, which makes it easy to stand up and move around in them.






Umbrella Tents

Beach umbrella tents are hybrids between beach tents and beach umbrellas but still provide plenty of shade. They are often cheaper than other sun shelters, like beach tents and beach canopies. Beach umbrella tents are set up like a normal beach umbrella but have additional material that extends to the sides to provide added shade (like an umbrella mullet). These are easy to use but may blow away in strong winds (unlike a mullet).




When you are looking for a beach tent, you need to consider the features that each model offers and how those features correspond with your future beach needs. The tent that is best for someone else may not be practical for you. More about this in the next post.

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